Testing React component with Jest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzz8R5d7nyY&list=PLT5Jhb7lgSBMTsfsgQcKQoaWCUOn_2oyC https://github.com/tkssharma/javascript-testing-world/tree/main
React Testing using Jest
React Testing with Testing Library React
React Testing using Enzyme Library
React API Testing, Component Testing, Redux Testing
react Router, Sanapshot testing, unit testing

Javascript Testing with different tools and Types of tests
- Unit tests:
- Integration tests
- functional tests

Tools and Libs
Karma, Jasmine, Jest, TestCafe, Cypress, webdriverio,
Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Cucumber, TestCafe, Cypress,
Sinon, Jasmine, enzyme, Jest, testdouble,
Istanbul, Jest

- Start with Test Launchers
- Testing Structure
- Assertion Functions
- spies
- Mocks or fake server