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Build Modern Stack T3 Stack Application (using T3 Create App)
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The best way to start a full-stack, typesafe Next.js app using T3 Stack
Create T3 Stack is definitely one of the fastest ways to get up and running to build an application today. It’s a stack, similar to MEAN, MERN, MAMP, etc. The main benefit is that it comes with is the best tools in the industry to get started building for developers.

The T3 stack comes with NextJS, NextAuth, Prisma, tRPC, Tailwind, and all with TypeScript support. This is everything you need to get started in building an app from scratch and even gives you options to pick and choose which you’d like to include/exclude in your stack to optimize even further.

We will be exploring all about using t3 Stack

- πŸ”₯ Next JS
- πŸ”₯ Next Auth
- πŸ”₯Prisma
- πŸ”₯ tRPC
- πŸ”₯ tailwind

The "t3 stack" refers to a combination of technologies commonly used in web development, including:

Next.js: Next.js is a popular framework for building React applications. It provides server-side rendering, static site generation, and other useful features for developing modern web applications.

Prism: Prism is a GraphQL-inspired query language and runtime for building efficient APIs. It helps in defining and executing typed queries against your data sources.

trpc: trpc (pronounced "trip-see") is a lightweight TypeScript framework for building efficient and type-safe APIs. It supports various protocols like HTTP, WebSocket, and more.

Together, Next.js, Prism, and trpc can be combined to create a powerful and efficient web development stack. Next.js provides the frontend framework, Prism helps in defining and executing queries against data sources, and trpc simplifies the process of building APIs.

This stack enables developers to build modern, type-safe, and performant web applications with features like server-side rendering, efficient data fetching, and strong typing for API contracts.

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