Node JS with Sequelize ORM

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is the process of mapping between objects and relational database systems. So it acts like an interface between two systems hiding details about an underlying mechanism. In this versatile world, database systems are also not 100% alike — the way of accessing data differs. When it comes to migration between databases, ORM could be an option if you want to avoid wasting time and effort.

  • Here are some advantages of ORM over traditional query approach:
  • Developers can only focus on business logic rather than writing interfaces between code and db.
  • Reduces development time and costs by avoiding redundant codes
  • Capable of connecting to different databases, which comes handy during switching from one db to the other.
  • Helps to effectively query from multiple tables similar to SQL JOIN — ORM takes the responsibility of converting the object-oriented query approach to SQL queries.


In this Tutorials , we will learn how to make an effective object-relational mapping with Sequelize in Node.js. There are a couple of other alternatives but this module is my favorite. Sequelize is easy to learn and has dozens of cool features like synchronization, association, validation, etc. It also has support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and MSSQL.

  • Node JS with Sequelize ORM
  • Understanding Database like Mysql
  • Node JS with - Sequelize ORM — DB Connection & Schema Model
  • Node JS with - Sequelize ORM — sequelize sync & connect
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize as Promise based library
  • Sequelize ORM — Creating data using sync — User & Post Table
  • Sequelize ORM — Model defination & Data seed
  • Sequelize ORM — Validation & Hooks in Model Defination
  • Sequelize ORM — Table assocations Cook-Recipe-Feedback-Part-1
  • Sequelize ORM — Table Relationship Cook-Recipe-Feedback-Part-2
  • Sequelize ORM — Table assocations hasOne/belongsTo with References
  • Sequelize ORM — Table assocations example User-Task-Tool
  • Sequelize ORM — Managing Model defination under Model & assocations
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize init for Migration & seeders
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize init for Migration & seeders
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize Migration example with Use-Task & Context Table
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize Migration to define relationships
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize example for Shopping Cart Part-1
  • Sequelize ORM — Sequelize Migration & Seed for for Shopping Cart-Part-2