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React State Management with Redux webinar with @Srijan Technologies

React - a JS library that helps you divide your app into multiple components. But it doesn’t clearly specify how to keep track of the data (aka State), and how to deal with all the events (aka Actions) properly.

Redux is a complimentary library to React, that provides a way to easily manage the State and the Actions. Essentially Redux allows you to build a React app whose state is managed by redux container. It seems clear that future web applications are all about this sweet couple: React with Redux. Join the webinar and get a headstart on Redux, focussing on components like action creators, reducers, store and middlewares, and how they fit with React components

Who Should Attend This?

Front-end devs with knowledge of JavaScript
Devs fluent with the basics of React JS
Why Should You Attend This?

To understand how Redux is better than Flux
To learn how to manage and debug the state of React application
To experience a demo of application using debugging with React/Redux dev tool
To learn how to manage state of React application using Redux state container, with live examples
To learn all about middleware in Redux to manage asynchronous response
To learn how to write Production apps with Redux
Our Speaker: Tarun Sharma

About the Speaker: Tarun is a passionate developer, and since the past 3 years, has been working with JavaScript, Angular 1.x, Angular 2.0, Node and different frameworks & library like React+Immutable+Redux JS. He works with Redux in production applications, and finds it very useful for state management and React friendly. He is also a publisher and online trainer providing numerous training videos on his channel.