React JS Training | Full Course | 30 Hourse

Course: React Redux Duration: 30 hours with demos and hands-on labs Focus: React-Redux , ES6,ES5, React testing , Redux state container, React with ES5/ES6 , Module bundlers and transpilers with hands-on example Targeted Audience: Format: This course combines lecture, discussion and demonstrations with hands-on labs. Language / Tools: Javascript, Sublime, Node,Git React js course has been designed for Client- Side Developer, Web Developer, Web Designers. Course Objectives: What You’ll Learn React js is a client side UI building library to develop web based applications.React is a library developed by Facebook, and it is designed to build large applications with data that changes over time. Developers can use ReactJS to create user interfaces (UI) with high performance, where React would automatically manage all UI updates. React is all about building reusable web components, Objective is End to end development training to enable associate build a full-fledged application with React + Redux + Redis + micro-services, Redux Store, Redux Thunk and Redux promises We will talk about ES5/ES6 transpilers and hands-on on React application with Routing and different npm packages for building application React.js Fundamentals with ES6 & Web pack with Code examples React Redux + Immutable hands-on React App testing using Frameworks Develop App using Redux React

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