Nodejs Graphql (Apollo Graphql Server with Sequelize & Mysql)

What is GraphQL? GraphQL is a declarative data fetching specification and query language for APIs. It was created by Facebook. GraphQL is an effective alternative to REST, as it was created to overcome some of the shortcomings of REST like under/over fetching. Unlike REST, GraphQL uses one endpoint. This means we make one request to the endpoint and we’ll get one response as JSON. This JSON response can contain as little or as much data as we want. Like REST, GraphQL can be operated over HTTP, though GraphQL is protocol agnostic. A typical GraphQL server is comprised of schema and resolvers. A schema (or GraphQL schema) contains type definitions that would make up a GraphQL API. A type definition contains field(s), each with what it is expected to return. Each field is mapped to a function on the GraphQL server called a resolver. Resolvers contain the implementation logic and return data for a field. In other words, schemas contain type definitions, while resolvers contain the actual implementations.

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