Node JS CQRS with Nest JS Demo #21

In this playlist we are going to talk about advance nestjs concepts
I am covering lots of concepts of nestjs
Github Link to follow:
We are talking about nestjs integration with redis, rabbit mq, kafka and core concepts of nestjs

from basic to advance level.
1. nestjs building blocks
2. nestjs interceptors and middlewares
3. nestjs pipes, controllers and services
4. nestjs microservices TCP
5. nestjs grpc, redis, rabbit mq
6. nestjs with class validator
7. nestjs with elastic search
8. nestjs with mongodb, postgres, mysql
9. nestjs with mysql
10. nestjs with mysq/postgres using sequelize & typeorm
11. nestjs with api pagination
12. nestjs with graphql apis
13. nestjs with mongoose, mongo database
14. nestjs with rabbit mq and microservices

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