Nest JS Microservices with Monorepo Nx

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Nx is a smart, fast and extensible build system with first-class monorepo support and powerful integrations.

This is not some brand new playlist I am covering nx so we can talk more about nestjs microservices using Nx

00:00 nx monorepo
01:40 nx monorepo type
02:00 turbo, lerna and nx for monorepo
04:00 create nx command for monorepo
06:00 looking into folder structure and packages

New Package-Based Repo
Create a monorepo with Yarn, NPM or PNPM. Nx makes it fast, but lets you run things your way.
New Integrated Repo
Get a pre-configured setup. Nx configures your favorite frameworks and lets you focus on shipping features.
Create a Standalone React app
A modern React setup with built-in support for Vite, ESLint, Cypress and more. Think CRA but modern, always up-to-date and scalable.

Nx is a Typescript based monorepo tool, primarily supporting Node.js based frontend, backend apps, and libraries. The topics we are covering today:

Why monorepo?
what is monorepo and how it helps
Nx: A monorepo tool
looking into all options npx create-nx-workspace
Create Nx workspace for a project
Build, lint, test, serve and run
using nx console using vscode
Single package.json policy
Affected apps by dep-graph and git diff
Computation caching and Nx Cloud
Building nx monorepo standalone app
Building nx monorepo packages based app
Building nx monorepo integrated app
Understanding workspaces like yarn, npm, pnpm
difference between all these different approaches

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