Nest JS Graphql Series

Nest JS with Graphql
In this playlist, we are going to cover a lot of things related to nestjs and graphql
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00:00 Creating an app using nest cli
03:00 making application folder structure production-ready
06:00 adding commit lint cli and husky
10:00 eslint and prettier configs
13:00 build configuration tsconfig
15:00 test configuration jest unit and e2e
19:20 docker and docker-compose
24:00 init script for postgres container
33:00 folder structure and modules
37:00 installing modules graphql
39:00 setting up config module
45:00 typeorm module

- [ using Apollo](
- nestjs graphql with mongoose
- nestjs graphql with postgres
- nestjs graphql with typeorm
- nestjs graphql with different ORM and ODM
- nestjs graphql blog App
- nestjs graphql authentication and authorization

This Video is all about baseline setup Part-1 and not talking much about graphql, In second Part we will talk more about graphql

GraphQL is a powerful query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. It's an elegant approach that solves many problems typically found with REST APIs. For background, we suggest reading this comparison between GraphQL and REST. GraphQL combined with TypeScript helps you develop better type safety with your GraphQL queries, giving you end-to-end typing.

In this chapter, we assume a basic understanding of GraphQL, and focus on how to work with the built-in @nestjs/graphql module. The GraphQLModule can be configured to use Apollo server (with the @nestjs/apollo driver) and Mercurius (with the @nestjs/mercurius)