How to crack JS Interviews | Right way to Prepare for JSπŸ‡πŸŒŸ

How to crack JS Interviews | Right way to Prepare for JS

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In these slides and youtube Video i talked about what is the right way of Learning JavaScript and what to prepare for JavaScript Interviews

Main focus should be on Core java script or Vanilla JavaScript not a framework.

  • Core JavaScript β€” The central parts of the JavaScript language
  • Programming Paradigms/Patterns β€” Design patterns, object-oriented programming (OOP) versus functional, etc.
  • Scope and Closures β€” How JavaScript manages scope
  • Types, Grammar, and Syntax β€” The more fiddly bits of the language
  • Asynchronous (async) and Performance β€” How to tune JavaScript

You can test your knowledge by answering these few questions by yourself.

  1. What is the event loop? Can you draw a simple diagram to explain event loop?
  2. How to you explain closure?
  3. How would you make sure value of this works correctly inside setTimeout?
  4. What are the different possible values for this?
  5. What is debounce and how could you implement debounce
  6. How would you communicate with server
  7. Explain Promise to your grandmother
  8. If and website is slow how what would you do to make it faster?
  9. What ES6 feature do you use other than let, var and arrow?
  10. What build tool you use and tell me some advantages to use that build tool
  11. What is the difference between apply, call, and bind?
  12. What is event delegation?
  13. What is event bubbling?
  14. What is hoisting and how does it work?
  15. What is the prototype chain?
  16. What determines the value of β€˜this’?
  17. What is the event loop?
  18. Implement curry.

Its not all about this you can explore many other options

Do watch whats is my opinion in YouTube Video about JS Interviews, I hope that can help any developer.