How to Become Pro Ninja Developer

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How to Become Pro Ninja Developer (Playlist) #nodejs #javascript

This is a general playlist that will talk about how to be fast and become a pro on daily development tasks, it's all about how we can be more efficient for development using modern tools and technologies

🔥 best tolling for development
🔥 vscode extension and plugins
🔥 tools and framework to adopt
🔥 git branching strategy
🔥 CI/CD for deploying application
🔥 Building code with Unit Tests and Integration Tests
🔥 Understanding of APIs and Component development
🔥 How to baseline service or application
🔥 Using mono repo and workspace sin 2023
🔥 Best Tolling available for building applications

Tips to Become Pro level developer

#01 Always keep learning
#02 Embrace failure (and learn from it)
#03 Learn to deal with your harshest critics
#04 Learn to ask for constructive criticism
#05 Increase the quality of your code
#06 Read lots of code

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