Graphql World with Node JS

Node JS Graphql World using Yoga, Apollo and Prisma
Building Graphql APIs using different possible way with Prisma and other ORM

- using nestjs
- using express and typescript + express graphql server
- using graphql-yoga
- using apollo graphql server
- using graphql-yoga with prisma
- using graphql-yoga with Sequelize
- using graphql-yoga with TypeORM
- using graphql-yoga with Knex
- using graphql-yoga with MongoDB

Basic setup using Graphql-Yoga
- basic setup with babel
- query and mutation with Mock Data
- building as blog application

Basic setup using apollo-graphql
- basic setup and installation
- query and mutation with different ORM
- building as blog/sjopping cart application

Basic setup using nestjs/express
its long playlist covering all about graphql

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