Graphql Client & Server using Apollo

Why GraphQL? GraphQL and Apollo help you ship features faster Managing data in modern applications is challenging. Most applications require: Distinct front-end clients for multiple platforms (web, iOS, etc.), each with different data requirements A backend that serves data to clients from multiple sources (Postgres, Redis, etc.) Complex state and cache management for both the frontend and the backend By adopting GraphQL and Apollo, you can reduce these challenges considerably. GraphQL's declarative model helps you create a consistent, predictable API you can use across all of your clients. As you add, remove, and migrate back-end data stores, that API doesn't change from the client's perspective. Even with many other advantages, GraphQL's single greatest benefit is the developer experience it provides. It's straightforward to add new types and fields to your API, and similarly straightforward for your clients to begin using those fields. This helps you design, develop, and deploy features quickly.

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