Different Microservices Patterns Quick Overview #03

Understanding Microservice Architecture and Different Microservice Patterns
► Pattern: Microservice Architecture
► Decomposition patterns
► The Database per Service pattern describes how each service has its own database in order to ensure loose coupling.
► The API Gateway pattern defines how clients access the services in a microservice architecture.
► The Client-side Discovery and Server-side Discovery patterns are used to route requests for a client to an available service instance in a microservice architecture.
The Messaging and Remote Procedure Invocation patterns are two different ways that services can communicate.
► The Single Service per Host and Multiple Services per Host patterns are two different deployment strategies.
► Cross-cutting concerns patterns: Microservice chassis pattern and Externalized configuration
► Testing patterns: Service Component Test and Service Integration Contract Test
► Circuit Breaker
► Observability patterns:
Log aggregation
Application metrics
Audit logging
Distributed tracing
Exception tracking
Health check API
Log deployments and changes
UI patterns:
► Server-side page fragment composition
►Client-side UI composition@tkssharma
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