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💻How to Learn From My Channel

How to Get Started with My YouTube Channel (code with tkssharma)

A little bit about me

I’m Tarun, I am Publisher, Trainer Developer, working on Enterprise and open source Technologies JavaScript frameworks (React Angular, sveltekit, nextjs), I work with client-side and server-side javascript programming which includes node js or any other frameworks Currently working with JavaScript framework React & Node js 🚀 with Graphql 🎉 developer publications. I am writing code for the last 11 years.

I am a passionate Javascript developer writing end-to-end applications using javascript using React, Angular 🅰️, and Vue JS with Node JS, I publish video tutorials and write about everything I know. I aim to create a beautiful corner of the web free of ads, and sponsored posts.

Who Should Join My Channel?

This channel is purely on JavaScript without any random garbage videos on random stuff, It's purely on JavaScript stuff.

I will divide the content of my channel into different categories

  • anyone as i am publishing very beginner series (Bootcamp 80 hours Course)

  • Experienced Developer (Worked in Industry for 2-3 Years)

  • Beginner Developers (already know HTML/CSS and basic javascript)

  • Advanced Sr developers looking to learn something out of the box

Here you go (Beginner level content)



Welcome to HTML (web development)

Learn Core in depth javascript aspects

javascript Pattern (only if good at core javascript)

javascript Core (must have)

CSS and Design

Not Much on Design Part

Javascript SOLID principles

Modern Javascript in Depth

Modern Javascript in Depth

Crack Core JS Interviews

HTML for beginners

Web development boot camp [80 Hours of Training]

Learn Core in-depth javascript aspects

javascript Pattern (only if good at core javascript)

javascript Core (must have)

Lets talk about CSS and Designing Part

  • Sorry, i am not teaching much on Styling and Design Part

SOLID principles in Javascript

Modern Javascript in Depth

Crack Javascript Jobs

If you have done all then you are in Top 1 % of javascript developers



Node JS Master Playlist (All about Node JS)

React JS 150 + videos

React with Typescript

React Redux/ react Redux toolkit

Learn Typescript in Depth

Typescript Core

Become a Master in Node JS

Become a Master in React JS

Now its right time to Learn Typescript Concepts and Become Pro developer

Learn Typescript in Depth


Now It's all about Advanced Level Playlist with end-to-end development


Docker & Containerization

  • Now you can explore any content on My channel on all different technologies

  • Nest JS (I have lots of content on Nest JS)

  • Next JS (SSR apps)

  • Graphql (express and nestjs with graphql)

  • Sveltejs

  • Sveltekit

  • Express JS

  • Node JS

  • Koa JS, Hapi JS

  • Microservices with express and nestjs

  • Full Stack Clone Applications (Airbnb, Uber Eats, Swiggy, Stack Overflow)

  • I have 150 + Playlist and each playlist is teaching something important

My Most Popular Course on YouTube

Nest JS Master Course

Nest JS Advanced

All About Microservices

Watch ALL My Playlist

⭐️ Support my channel⭐️ ⭐️ GitHub link for Reference ⭐️ 🔥 Video contents.. 👇 ⭐️ Crash Courses ⭐️

🔗 Nodejs Microservices - 🔗 Full Stack Clone Apps using Next JS - 🔗 Next JS 13 Crash Course - 🔗 Nodejs Master Course - 🔗 ... 100+ more playlist 🔗 .... its very big list

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