building and deploying microservices using nestjs

This Video is a Part of the playlist “Building Microservices and Deploying for SAAS Product” and it covers all about building microservices for Enterprise World

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In this playlist, we will talk about microservices development with node js of all different types like

  • Express/Nest JS with Typescript with ORM (TypeORM, knex, Prisma)
  • Deploying Services with AWS CDK Constructs with RDS/Dynamodb
  • Building Different Microservice Architecture
  • Using Event-Driven Arch, CQRS, Event Sourcing based Arch
  • Deploying services using AWS ECS or Lambda using AWS CDK

Here are some common microservices architecture patterns and best practices when using Node.js:

  1. Single Service Microservice Architecture:
  2. Layered Microservice Architecture:
  3. Event-Driven Microservice Architecture:
  4. API Gateway Microservice Architecture:
  5. Service Mesh Microservice Architecture:
  6. Serverless Microservices
  7. Containerized Microservices:
  8. Event Sourcing and CQRS:
  9. BFF (Backend For Frontend) Microservice Architecture:
  10. Database Microservice Architecture:

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