AWS CDK Workshop Deploy to cloud

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This Video is a part of the Playlist "Uber Eats Clone" Application and we are covering everything from ground zero to hero

In this video, we will talk about the AWS-CDK toolkit to build infra for our application
AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) accelerates cloud development using common programming languages to model your applications.

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) lets you define your cloud infrastructure as code in one of its supported programming languages. It is intended for moderately to highly experienced AWS users.

Ideally, you already have experience with popular AWS services, particularly AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). You might already have AWS credentials on your workstation for use with an AWS SDK or the AWS CLI. You might also have experience working with AWS resources programmatically.

Familiarity with AWS CloudFormation is also useful because the output of an AWS CDK program is an AWS CloudFormation template.

Finally, you should be proficient in the programming language you intend to use with the AWS CDK.

00:00 deploying approach for services and UI Apps
02:00 legacy way of deploying UI apps using EC2/nginx
03:00 deploying UI apps using AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront
06:00 deployment approch for services as lambda
09:50 looking into what AWS-CDK provides
10:50 aws cdk staks and constructs
12:30 AWS CDK concepts for building and deploying apps
13:20 whole flow from code to deployment using cloudfromation

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